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In the SoundLab Studio with Danielle
a.k.a D.M.S


I have been working with Danielle for four years as part of the SoundLab Project at HeartnSoul.

Danielle is a visual artist and singer-songwriter.

She has performed with London Symphony Orchestra, at The Southbank, Centre,  Tate Modern and The Albany Centre.

Danielle draws people and objects that are important in her life and we use these drawings to make music together using a wide range of music technology in the SoundLab Studio in The Albany, Deptord.

During the time we have worked together Danielle has written Two E.P'S. made videos for the many of her songs, Including  ‘Can’t Stop Drawing’, which was filmed and edited by her brother Matthew during lockdown, won Youth Music’s Music Video of the Year Award!

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