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Dean Rodney Jr. & The Cowboys

'It is a well-known fact in industry circles that Dean Rodney Jr. himself possesses the artistry and stage presence to blow an audience away any day of the week just for the fun of it. However, when you add Tom Hirst’s Klaus-Schulzesque keyboard aura, Rosie Ridgway’s Funkier-Than-A-Mosquito’s-Tweeter bass stylings and Jack Barraclough’s Magaletti-Meets-Ringo batterie to the equation, then filter Robyn Steward’s participatory trumpet overtures through the asteroid belt before beaming them back down to Earth via Medway Services, what comes out the other side is an extremely dangerous concoction to say the least..."

1. Dean Rodney Jr. and The Cowboys Press Shot  - Jack Barraclough.2023 .jpg

Dean Rodney Jr. first flashed onto our radar screen when he played and toured globally with the incredible band The Fish Police. Since then, we’ve been intoxicated by his prolific and singular output.


In early 2022, rumours started to circulate that he’d written and recorded no fewer than 54 albums during lockdown, and formed a band with a veritable “Who’s Who” of the vital UK DIY underground scene of the last decade. Since then they have received feedback such as ‘life-affirming, inspirational and uplifting’ from an enraptured member of the general public, ‘I could sit here and listen to them all day’... ‘the best performance I’ve witnessed in a very long time’.


Dean Rodney Jr. has been working with producer, and Cowboy band member,  Rosie Ridgway, to turn some of his extensive back catalogue into a vibrant and dynamic album and live show.


Dean lives is supported by Deptford-based Heart n Soul, an award winning arts charity led by people with and without Learning Disabilities and Autistic people. He describes his music as a mix between hip hop and pop which follows a fictional alternative reality called Dean TV World. Immersed in this fantasy we encounter fictional characters such as Bro Bro Man, an Easter Island Head, all set against a backdrop of exhilarating basslines and compulsively danceable drumbeats. 


The uniquely vibrant and extremely engaging creative output of the once-in-a-lifetime cultural phenomenon known as Dean Rodney and The Cowboys will be releasing their debut album “The Yeehaw Moment” on Yeehaw Records. 


The album “The Yeehaw Moment” will be released on 21st July on vinyl and digital release. It features 9 songs with interludes.

YH001 4000px x 4000px copy.jpg

 SIDE 1 


1. The Man with The Golden Suit - 05:23

2. Interlude 1 -  00:21

3. Boing! - 02:40

4. Interlude 2 - 00:19

5. Sesame Bun - 03:38.534

6. Interlude 3 - 03:38

7. Bro Bro Man - 03:54

8 .Interlude 4 - 00:25


SIDE 2  


 9. New Photo - 04:16

10. Interlude 5  - 00:23

11. She Said No Problem - 03:59

12. Interlude 6 - 00:23

13. Ahh! What Was That?! - 03:09

14. Interlude 7 - 00:21

15. Blue Stars - 04:12

16. Interlude 8 - 00:23

17. The Man with Golden Suit Outro - 01:06

  • Deluxe 12" Vinyl of our debut album. £.1.50 of every sale will go to Heart n Soul. A charitable arts organisation who believes in the power and talents of people with Learning Disabilities and Autism.

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